•  This has been the best 80 minutes (the most relaxing) of my vacation.  I've compared the Lomi Lomi to many massages and never found another treatment to be as relaxing and tranquil as this.  Marlene is a wonderful masseuse with such a peaceful presence. -Susan  

  • So relaxing! Marlene is a joy & comfort to be around! -Laura

  •  A perfect ending to a wonderful two day stay (at Lake Toxaway).  Marlene is a treasure! -Lec

  • Marlene brings compassion and strong positive energy to the massage table. Her comprehensive knowledge of the neuromuscular and lymphatic systems enables her to give a gentle deep tissue massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic. I highly recommend her work, especially to those experiencing chronic back pain due to degenerative spine conditions. -Ann Marie

  •  Marlene Fennimore is one of those great treasures you find hidden in the mountains of Western Carolina.   A truly great professional massage therapist.  Her rare ability to hit those muscles where attention is needed and still leave you melted onto the table when its over.  I have been her client on a regular basis, going onto 3 years and she never disappoints. -Richard  

  • Marlene gave the best massage I've gotten anywhere- better than Parrot Cay or Grove Park!! And the body scrub before hand was perfect! -Debi  

  •  Thanks so much Marlene for making my Mom's 80th birthday so special! We appreciate everything. -Erin 

  • The gift of touch has most certainly been given to Marlene.  Her therapeutic massage is always customized to every client's need.  A detailed approach in combination with the most beautiful aromatherapy oils instantly bring relaxation as she concentrates on areas of the body.  Marlene is a skilled professional therapist who has given me countless hours of divine pleasure and healing. -Hildegarde 

  • I experienced a Lomi Lomi massage today and while I'm not sure if the treatment would have been the same without Marlene's touch, it was an amazingly wonderful experience.  I've had massages in many spas and this treatment was one of the best.  I enjoyed it tremendously.  Marlene has a wonderful touch/hands. -Susan