Belanina Facelift Massage

The premier, non-invasive facial technique.

All natural, the Bellanina Facelift Massage is the premiere, non-invasive technique for lifting and toning the face.  Since 1989, Bellanina has combined massage techniques with aromatics and botanicals, increasing circulation and lymphatic flow so that metabolic waste is eliminated and cell regeneration is accelerated.

• Restores muscle tone & elasticity

 • Improves lymph drainage

 • Enhances metabolic processes, greater blood flow & oxygen flow

 • Decrease in under eye puffiness

 • Firmer cheeks,  jaw line & naso-labial fold lines soften

Bellanina Botanicals Skin Care

Bellanina Skin Care has been carefully selected and crafted to address all skin types and a number of conditions using the very best of proven botanical and active ingredients. We offer you holistic products with botanical ingredients to enhance and support your skin’s own natural functions. By adopting a consistent daily skin care routine, your skin will immediately blossom with the use of the natural ingredients in these formulas such as chamomile, arnica and antioxidant vitamins. The result is beautiful skin in balance with your healthy life routine.

Look & feel your best

In today’s demanding world, you owe it to yourself to look & feel your best.  The Bellanina Facelift Massage can help you achieve your personal best- you will see results after the first treatment & in just a few treatments you will begin to experience a remarkable improvement in your facial muscle tone & the quality of your complexion.

The Bellanina Facelift Massage is a acupressure facial massage technique that utilize lymph drainage and a specialized series of massage strokes to tone and tighten facial muscles.