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Terri Cooney, RYT Certified

I have been practicing yoga for the past eleven years and have been a certified instructor for the past five.  I completed Vinyasa Flow training at Balance Health Studio, which is located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in November 2011 and am registered with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200-hour instructor. I currently am working towards my 500-hour certification. Because of my passion for gentle and restorative yoga, I spent a week at Duke University Integrative Medicine for 50 hours of training for Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors. In addition to these certifications and accumulated hours, my future goal is to obtain an additional certification in Restorative Yoga by the end of 2016.   Through my teachings with the asana (postures), my students deepen their yoga practice through breathe, self–awareness and self-acceptance. The classes I instruct are suitable for either beginners or the more experienced yoga patron, and of course anyone between.  My professional background is in the medical field, where I worked as an Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant in Dallas, Texas from 1983 to 2010. After retiring I wanted to continue helping people heal and better themselves, and the most suitable way I found was through yoga. I have a holistic view of health and wellness, which encompasses taking time to calm your mind and body as well as keeping up with our spiritual health. I believe we should be well rounded in our wellness approach and I try to implement that philosophy in my yoga practice and my daily routine. When not practicing and instructing others in yoga, I love taking and teaching spin classes, biking, hiking, traveling and walking with my husband Dale and my four baby girls (dogs) any chance I get.